Case studies

Media organization facilitates growth by integrating Betrly, mobile app for Espo CRM.

A family-owned media business has seen rapid growth since its establishment. Initially, they were able to manage the client contact list, Marketing, Sales and Communication data with Excel sheets and Word tools. But as the company grew, they started noticing cracks in the system.

  • The database was not well connected. The information that each employee had was not accurate and up-to-date.
  • Customer acquisition process was not very organized, controlled and not efficient.
Set goals
  • Eliminate excel sheets and centralize database to give access to up-to-date information to all the employees across the business.
  • Store all the important data in a standardized format so that it is easy to read and can be accessed in real time.
  • Segment and target advertisers for new business.
  • Analyze the collected information to build future business strategies.
  • Give more flexibility and mobility to reps in accessing and recording data.

After looking at several CRM Apps, the company came down to comparing two of them thoroughly and finally chose Betrly App because of its ease of use and provided functionalities.

Betrly in action

The results were incredible. Using Betrly App had helped the company streamline and systematize all its processes.

  • A central system was established to record all the client data and made available for access by all across the organization
  • Old client and partner data was integrated seamlessly with Betrly App
  • Option to customize the system made it possible to create new entities and relationships and set standardized data formats
  • Reps could easily record the client interaction, calls, meetings details at every stage and make them available in realtime to different departments
  • Marketing campaigns and target lists were created to segment the clients for effective communication
  • Ready-to-use massage and email templates were available for mass marketing and communication
  • Automated steps were set to reduce the time spent on common processes
  • Notifications and reminders helped employees in completing tasks on time
  • Various sales and employee reports made it possible to analyze the database and build more profitable future strategies 
  • Armed with Betrly App, the reps in the field have been able to tap into the CRM data and update records from anywhere and anytime.