Improve Lead Management, Increase sales

Why have a CRM?

Increase sales

Sales opportunity identified in time leads to increase in sales

Better customer experience

Customer satisfaction helps in winning their loyalty and leads to repeat sales

Organized customer data

Neatly recorded and organized customer data gives you valuable insights to take better business decisions

Team Collaboration

Communication between sales and marketing teams helps to keep them in sync

What Betrly Offers

Mobile App

Access data and manage your business from anywhere with Betrly mobile App

Espo CRM

Betrly App is for all the existing users of Espo CRM system. It gives mobile access to Espo CRM data and functionalities

All contacts at one place

Keep all your contacts at one place sync them with customer data to make them more useful

Communication tools

Schedule meetings, assign tasks, arrange calls for your teams and make their communication more productive

Customer Loyalty

Analyze your customer data and offer what they want to improve customer satisfaction and win their loyalty

Grow your revenue

Generate new leads, grab sales opportunity at right time and improve the opportunity to sales conversion rate

How Betrly Works


  1. Enter your EspoCRM URL.
  2. Use your EspoCRM account credentials & login to Betrly.
  3. Your EspoCRM account is ready to use on Mobile!

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