Improve customer service

Analyze customer history from available data and understand your customers better. Manage sales opportunities and connect with right prospect at right time. Offer customers what they are looking for and win their loyalty.

Increase revenue

Improve customer retention and take benefit of increase in sales through repeat purchases. Purchases from referrals of satisfied customers also helps you increase revenue and profits. According to a study, a 5% reduction in customer defection rate can increase profits anywhere from 25% – 85%.

Improve communication

Manage all internal communication amongst reps, and external communication with customers efficiently. Share customer data with different departments and empower your teams with all the required information. Let your reps record all the email, phone call, interactions with the customers and determine the service to be provided.

Centralize data

Record and keep all data in cloud-based app so it remains always available to everyone across the whole organization. Having all the customer history at their fingertips empowers the employees to answer customer questions anytime.

Increase efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks by setting automated workflows to send automated updates, eliminate duplicate actions and save time. Manage sales leads, marketing campaigns,  service issues all from a single place and save time your employees spend while using different systems for different tasks.

Manage business from anywhere

Mobile CRM lets your team stay connected, make instant updates and take required action from anywhere. Your reps can record immediate updates for the sales opportunity and pipeline details while traveling back from a customer meeting. Send notifications for scheduled meetings, calls, tasks via app to your team so your reps never miss any important task.